Cow Based Economy

In India, cow is an integral part of rural life since times immemorial. Indian breeds of cow have innate genetic capacity to produce better quality milk as expressed by the household practices in India and now substantiated by experiments and clinical trials. Indian cow milk has higher level of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is anti-carcinogenic. Dung and urine are the major resource of the cow economy, next only to bullock energy. Cow urine can be used as bio fertilizer and pest repellents which helps to increase production of crops as well as reduced cost of production. The cows and bullocks are used in dairying and agricultural purposes such as ploughing, transportation. Dried cow dung (Gobar) is used prolifically in rural India as fuel for fire and a power resource. Environment friendly Gobar Gas Plants across rural India will help save the ozone layer and prevent global warming. It is now well realized that cow farms should be the centres of integral planning to harness milk, manure and power.